3 Biggest SEO Myths Debunked

Posted on Apr 6 2016 - 5:35am by Admin

SEO Myths Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial components of any virtual entity’s organic marketing mix. However, over the last few years, there have been a number of myths about how it works, the factors influencing it and more, causing confusion in the mind of the already overburdened Internet marketer. Here’s the real deal, separating SEO facts from fiction.

PPC Ads Boost Organic Rankings

Though seemingly laugh-worthy to experienced marketers, it’s surprising how many people actually believe that the Google Adwords program directly impacts their organic search rankings. Paid advertising and organic SEO ranking are two different beasts that have no connection whatsoever.

Your SEO rankings are more or less based on, among several other factors, how well your page is optimized for the information that your target audience in seeking on search engines. It has nothing to do with paying for ads to get the customers to view your website.

Keyword Density is a Critical Factor

Several SEO marketers are guilty of nurturing the thought that keyword density is extremely vital in determining the ranking of a webpage/site. All the copywriting efforts are channeled towards using a specific keyword a number of times in the write-up.

Stop putting so much emphasis on the keyword density and start writing naturally to help the content flow better and offer value to the reader. You’d be better off having one great link from a reputable publication than a keyword used 15 times in an article. The focus has moved away from just the keyword to the significance and intent behind the keyword. Keep a balance and focus on offering useful content.

More Content Automatically Translates into Higher Rankings

Another of the most common SEO myths that believe a website’s content volume is directly proportional to its ranking. It’s important to understand that though a higher number of web pages will give you multiple entry points from search engines, it doesn’t automatically mean that these pages will rank high.

A significant number of visitors will only be drawn in by about 20% of your website’s content. Establish a clear motive for creating each page of content that is distinctly targeted and different from other pages on the site, C1 Partners, a Denver-based SEO services provider, notes. Don’t keep writing the same stuff over and over in a bid to boost rankings.

It’s important to get the basics of SEO, and the complicated algorithms of the search engine before venturing into an online enterprise. Consider hiring an experienced SEO services company to help you with your unique SEO needs, while helping to clear the myths about SEO.