3 Disadvantages of DIY Website Design

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 1:31am by Admin

Professional Website DesignersThere are many DIY website design options out there. And because of the DIY culture, these website solutions have become increasing popular in recent years. Are they really worth the money you save? Here are some of the hidden dangers involved in DIY solutions and why you should hire a professional web design specialist in Connecticut like Coforge Marketing for your business.

1. Web Design is More than Just Logo + Text

Many DIY website solutions offer the promise of huge savings and ease of use. In fact, there are many options wherein you upload files or drag-and-drop items on the page and voila, you have a functioning page on your website. But as the project develops, many people realize that designing your own website is more than just placing logos, photos, and text. And it can be really stressful.

2. Unless You Have the Time, Let the Pros Do the Work

There are many platforms and resources out there. But you still need to dedicate time to learning how to create your own website. For busy working professionals, this means additional workload. How fast you can l launch your website depends on you. If you’re still navigating in the dark, it can take even longer to build your own website.

3. Unprofessional Looking Websites Can Result in a Bad First Impression

Sure, there are many templates you can use to create a “professional” looking website, but online users can still tell the difference. What’s more, changes in the template can lead to lopsided designs, unconvincing placement of elements and weird spacing. All in all, some websites that use DIY solutions look amateurish next to professionally done ones. And this can result in bad first impressions among your consumers and leads.

Professional Website Design

This doesn’t mean that people who are not website design experts can’t create their own website. If budget is your biggest concern, DIY website solutions can be an alternative solution to hiring a professional website design team. However, using DIY website platforms can be limiting. Even easy-to-use options still require a bit of research and trial and error. This is why many businesses opt to hire professional web designers to create tailor-fit, responsive designs that really suit their needs.