3 Factors that Make Brochures a Perfect Marketing Tool for Startups

Posted on Sep 13 2018 - 5:07pm by Admin

set of brochures being printed in a factoryMarketing is essential for any business as it gets the services and products across to clients. Most of the times, new companies have to come up with creative ways of letting people know that they exist while bearing budgetary constraints in mind.

A brochure is a simple marketing tool with printed information about the business and its services. It is especially useful for startups and can be a great marketing device when used appropriately. Here are reasons why you should consider it as a marketing tool for your startup.

1. Inexpensive

Unlike other custom advertising tools, printing brochures aren’t as costly as promotional videos. Brochure printing adds value to your marketing endeavours at a low cost. Brochures could also be made with a variety of designs, content, colour scheme and you could also choose the quality of finishing. Additionally, the cost goes lower with mass production of the brochures. There are no limitations as to how much information you offer. You decide how much it contains, what message it conveys and how big it gets.

2. Versatility

Because of the variety of marketing opportunities and variety the brochures create, your business information reaches more clients. You can create some with specific details regarding a service or combine different products. Brochures are also easy to distribute. When placed around busy areas, potential clients would most likely pick them up voluntarily. They can also be placed in waiting rooms for clients to go through as they wait for their turn. During trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, brochures come in handy as they are easy to hand over to both business associates and potential clients.

3. Compatibility with Other Marketing Tools

While brochures work okay on their own, they can also be used with other marketing strategies. Use them as part of promotional giveaways so clients can get additional information, include them in media kits and other tangible items of interest. In this way, the recipient could get enough information about the company which could lead to a sale.

Brochures focus entirely on your company and the services it offers. They get undivided attention from the reader as opposed to digital, print and broadcast marketing channels. Quality printing enhances durability and allows them to look good and remain accessible over a long time.