3 Indications of a Faulty Air Conditioner

Posted on Nov 9 2018 - 5:47pm by Admin

Technician checking the air conditionerThe last thing you want to deal with during the summer months in Sydney is a ducted air-conditioning system that is not keeping you cool. It is time you consider ducted air conditioner repairs in if your AC system is not offering you the best services. When you repair the small faults in your system, it helps to prevent a possible full system breakdown. These signs indicate that a problem is brewing with your AC system:

1. Hot air from the AC system

If your ducted air conditioner is blowing hot air, it is a sign that its compressor is faulty. It also indicates a refrigerant leak. The best part is that the two faults can be fixed with the help of a technician, and the cost is not as high as people think. However, you need to fix the fault before it becomes severe.

2. Moisture near the system

Moisture or leaks around your AC system is an indication of a faulty system. It could be a minor issue like blocked drain tubes, which drain the condensation from the system. The moisture also indicates a refrigerant leak, which should be fixed because it can lead to a full system breakdown. Whichever the reason, you ought to call a technician to repair the ducted air conditioner to prevent further problems.

3. Grinding or squealing noises

Air conditioners shouldn’t make noises like a horror movie. Therefore, if you have noticed some weird noises from your system, it is an indication that it needs some touch-up as soon as possible. The noises could be a result of loose parts or a broken belt that needs replacement. Do not wait until the system stops functioning for you to hire a repair technician.

It is essential to carry out annual maintenance on your air conditioner to realise problems before they escalate. Do not ignore any of these signs since you are now aware of them. Also, make sure that you hire an experienced air conditioner repair technician for quality services.