3 Landscape Ideas to Try This 2018

Posted on Mar 12 2018 - 1:37am by Admin

A landscaped gardenDesigning for your home’s comfort, functionality, and appeal doesn’t have to end with the interiors. You can do a variety of things to create a warm and welcoming outdoor living space.

Experts from Simes Landscape share three design inspirations to transform your home.

Room for Color

While going for grass in straight lines makes the garden easier to mow, you might miss out on the gorgeous colors and vibrancy that flowers can give. Ditch the bricks and surround your fireplace with small pebbles for safety. Create height with some vertical poles and place them around the area. Hang flower baskets on them and add ambient lighting, so you can chill outside even when the sun is down. Flowers in vintage barrels also make for a unique design element.

Modern Patio

If your place doesn’t get a lot of rain, you should be more creative at incorporating greenery into your backyard. Try going for stone squares and wooden planks instead of traditional grass. Choose native potted plants to bring the feel of nature without increasing your water bill. If you don’t know which plants to get, talk to someone who works in a local nursery.

Keep The Tree

It would be a shame to cut a beautiful tree just to give way to a stone pavement. For a unique outdoor space, why not keep the tree and build a wooden patio around it? Create a hole in the elevated patio to leave space for the growing tree. You can also add green plants that peak through the hole. The tree will not only provide shade in the hot summer months; it can also be an interesting conversation starter.

A well-designed backyard is a perfect place for almost any type of outdoor activity, from throwing barbecue parties to simply lounging around with your family. Try out these design inspirations for your next home improvement project.