3 Life Hacks for Travelers with Kids

Posted on May 15 2018 - 9:18am by Admin

Family with two children is out for travelYou’re due for a trip to Miami, but you don’t know how you’ll manage with kids in tow. Don’t stress. The trip will not be a disaster just because it involves plane rides and lots of exploring. Your child may have a short temper, but you can do something to avoid inconveniencing yourself and everyone else.

Here are some life hacks to make your trip less stressful:

Getting Around

One of the biggest concerns when traveling with a child is the actual travel. How will you manage to take kids — and their things — around various landmarks while still enjoying the time yourself? Rental car companies are here to help, and you can mention that you’ll need a baby car seat. Stroller rental is also available in Miami, which means walking around will not be a pain in your arms and patience.

Airplane Courtesy

Children can be fussy when they are in planes. Suddenly, they want to walk around and the cramped space just won’t do. Things can only go downhill when they start crying. Before the plane takes off, take out all the essentials to keep your child occupied. A picture book can keep them busy for a few minutes, and some child-friendly games on your iPad also help. If you’re worried about the child disturbing everyone, warn the nearby passengers in advance and apologize with some treats.


Sleeping should not add to your stress. Before booking your accommodations, check that the hotel is child-friendly. That means the room should not smell like smoke, and a roll away bed would be preferred if you have more than one child with you. Children would love a pool; check if that is one of the amenities. Go ahead and ask if there is extra pay for your children’s bed, too. In some resorts, children even stay free.

Traveling is a good way to bond with your kids. To make the most of this fun time, find ways to make each aspect of the trip stress-free.