3 Technological Tools Insurance Sales Agents Need for More Efficiency

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 6:11pm by Admin

clients talking with an insurance agentAs of the latest survey by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 501,400 insurance sales agents in the country.

Insurance sales agents can work directly for a carrier, the company to which insurance payments are sent, while independent agents can work with insurance field marketing organizations. These organizations, which work closely with carriers, assist agents by offering contracts, training, and lead resources. In addition, agents have a fairly competitive compensation – on average, about $24 every hour– and commission from their sales.

Like any other employee, insurance sales agents also face challenges. Some of these are their quota and the tight competition in the industry. Insurance agents can make their jobs a little easier by taking advantage of available online tools.

1. Website or a Public Social Media Account

The internet can help insurance agents in their efforts to study and reach their market. This is why solidifying an online presence is important – and the best way to establish this is through websites or social media accounts.

Insurance agents do not have to pay for a domain. They can create accounts in Blogger.com or WordPress, instead. On such platforms, agents can put information about their services, their products, contact details, and promotional deals.

Through social media, on the other hand, insurance agents can reach a wider market. This platform also makes for easier communication between insurance agents and prospective clients.

2. Content Generator Tools

Research tools like Buzzsumo can help insurance agents know the trends in the insurance market through keyword searching. For example, when they type the word “insurance” in the search box, thousands of news pieces, articles, and even studies – from recent to older ones – will appear.

Another tool they can use is the Talkwalker Alerts. This content monitoring tool notifies the agents through e-mail every time their names or services are mentioned on the internet.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

There are different CRM tools insurance agents can use to keep track of leads and customer information. In here, insurance agents can enter personalized information of customers to help them create a client identity.

These tools can help insurance agents study the market better and employ more effective selling strategies. They also make it easier for agents to communicate with clients, and vice versa, thereby improving working relationships.