4 Reasons Men Need a Good Quality Wrist Watch

Posted on Nov 18 2016 - 5:52pm

Quality Wrist Watch in BoiseIn the age of smartphones, some people think if wearing a wrist watch is still mandatory. After all, your smartphone does everything. It’s a camera, a scanner, a notebook, a laptop, a digital clock and more. So why do men still need to wear a good quality wrist watch when they can very well take out their phones to check the time.

Here’s why it’s still necessary and not redundant:

  • People compliment your watch more than your shirt. For women, a good piece of jewelry can get them great compliments, especially an engagement ring. A good watch can do the same for you. It’s highly visible. It’s out in the open. And you can experiment with a lot of design until you find the one that suits your lifestyle.
  • It tells people that you’ve made it. A good quality wrist watch is more than just a piece of accessory that tells you the time. It is a fashion statement and one that speaks volume. A good quality watch tells the world that you’ve made it. You’re no longer the kid who borrows your father’s wrist watch. You can now afford it. Whether you are wearing a modern one or a vintage piece, having your watch repaired can help keep your timepieces in great shape.
  • It is convenient. You can check the time with just a flip of your wrist, compared to pulling out your phone from your pocket. It’s faster and easier. When you open your smartphone and see that you have several messages, you get sidetracked and soon, you’re checking out your Facebook feed. A wrist watch has one main function: tell you the time.
  • You treat time differently. When you wear a watch, it not only tells you the time but it also encourages you to treat time differently. It keeps you on track, on schedule, and on the go. When you wear a watch regularly, you’ll find that your relationship with time has changed for the better. You learn to respect it.

More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

A watch is probably the single most important fashion accessory for men. And there are different styles to choose from. To keep your watch functional, be sure to have it inspected and fixed regularly.