4 Simple Yet Effective Decorating Tricks to Make Small Room Feels Larger

Posted on Dec 14 2017 - 9:17pm by Admin

minimalist living roomAre you feeling stressed about finding a space for storage? Don't be. There are many ways to resolve your issue and even transform your place into a better and more charming abode. Here are some clever and inventive decorating techniques you can follow:

Look Up High & Bright

Use bright and eye-catching colours on your ceiling to drive the eyes upward. This would give you and your guests the illusion of a high ceiling. However, if you're not a fan of vibrant shades, you may go with light or neutral colours then use patterns to create an impression of space upwards.

Drapes & Thou Walls

If you fancy dressing up your windows, be sure to pick a colour that is similar to your walls. A visual of unified shades and hues is one great way to make your space look larger than it originally is. Another effective trick you could use is to use sheer curtains to cover the windows. These fabrics brighten the lights and make rooms brighter and larger.

Mirror, Mirrors Everywhere

Another tried-and-tested method to trick the eye into thinking that a room is big and spacious is by hanging full-length mirrors from Auckland. Many interior designers recommend this technique, especially if you have a tiny room or home. There are a variety of ways to use these — the vanity in the bathroom, the closet in the bedroom, or the wall in the dining and living area.

The Power of De-Cluttering

Sometimes, the problem is not with the available space, but the number of belongings you have. Before you do anything, be sure to take out unneeded and excessive items from your home. Having too many displays or unorganised stacks of books can make your place cramped and stuffy. Instead, distribute and arrange them in a way that will go along with the flow of your interior.

Don't get too stressed out about having a small or tiny space. There are many ways to make it look bigger, you simply need to know which design or colour would work for you.