4 Ways to Enjoy Sydney During the Australian Winter Season

Posted on May 7 2018 - 9:05am by Admin

A Wide Shot of the Sydney Opera HouseSydney is at its most crowded during the Australian summer season, and for a good reason. This gem of a city glistens when the sun is at its peak.

However, what foreign tourists probably do not know is that Sydney is just as great during winter. Here are ways you can enjoy Sydney even if the temperature is at its lowest:

Book a bus for hire

If you are travelling with the entire family or a big group, you may want to think about hiring a bus for transporting everyone. A bus for hire is incredibly helpful in going from one point to another in the cold. Additionally, it will give the members of the group enough room to rest in between stops so that it will not be too exhausting for them. Before you start any sightseeing, search for a Sydney minibus for hire that you can book for your trip.

Do an art and culture tour

Sydney has a lot of museums and art galleries that are open no matter what season it is. The most popular is the Museum of Sydney, which has records of the history of the city. The Australian Museum, on the other hand, has a lot of exhibits on the Australian wildlife. The Art Gallery of NSW, Artspace and Powerhouse Museum are also great stops.

Brave the outdoors

Even in the winter, the Sydney outdoors is a major destination for adventure seekers. You can go to the Royal Botanic Gardens to see beautiful flowers. Regular spelunking enthusiasts would love the caves near Sydney such as the 100 Man Cave and Psyn Cave.

Try Local Beer

And of course, Australians love to drink! Don’t leave the city without trying out the selection of homegrown beers. Bars showcase the craft beer of local breweries. It would be a smart move to go and have a drink with your Aussie friends or colleagues. Winter is the perfect weather for this!

Sydney’s beauty does not fade no matter what season it is. Don’t wait for the next summer to visit Australia. The tips above will help you maximise your visit.