5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Posted on Apr 26 2017 - 6:21pm

Clean and green landscapeNew York is all about the fusion of urban architecture and greenery. And for businesses, commercial landscaping not only enhances your corporate image. It also says a lot about your business. Commercial landscaping is a sound investment you can get for your commercial property.

If you’re new to commercial landscaping, here are some design ideas and tips you can consider:

Create an impressive front

While commercial landscaping can be done all around your property, the focus is always on the building’s façade. Your building’s front entrance is the first thing your clients and employees see when they reach your property. A good landscaping is critical to making that first, but lasting impression. Professionals in New York City landscape architecture firms can help you design an impressive front based on the message you want to tell the community.

Green is in

Green architecture is all about creative sustainable design that does not cause further harm to Mother Earth. This idea can also be executed in commercial landscaping. By focusing on growing and maturing plants, landscapers set a good foundation for sustainable design that can help lower your maintenance costs in the future.

Proper framing

Keep in mind that maturing trees can obscure your building’s façade in the years to come. Working with professional landscapers will help you frame your commercial building in the best light possible with the future in mind.

It’s not all about the plants

Commercial landscaping is not just about the plants and the trees. You can also add aesthetic landscape solutions such as gazebos, arbors, pergolas and decks. Limited budget? A few benches in strategic places add a lot of ambiances to your building façade.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

What’s great about working with commercial landscapers is that they also consider your suggestions. Remember, your building’s front is an extension of your business. So better use it as a platform to exude your brand message and solidify your brand identity.