5 Limo Etiquette Rules You Should Not Ignore

Posted on Apr 25 2018 - 5:19pm by Admin

friends having fun inside limousineAre you planning a night out on the town with some friends? Are you taking your visiting relatives to the hottest club for their last night in your city?

These are types of group celebrations that require renting a limo in Indianapolis. Not only does it get everyone in a single vehicle, but it also spruces up your style for the night.

But, renting a limo isn’t just a pick-up and drop-off deal. Every rental company has its own set of rules depending on the type of limo you’re renting. Besides that, here are four more limo etiquette tips that every renter must know and follow.

1. Don’t exceed limo capacity.

That number is there for two reasons — to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers and because the law has a required number of passengers per limo.

2. Don’t trash it.

Just because you rented it, doesn’t mean you can mess it up. If you’re drinking or eating in the limo, try your best not to drop or spill anything on the seats and floors.

3. Get in properly.

Limos are vehicles of style, that’s why they always come with a driver. Let the driver open the door for you, sit in and slowly slide both legs in after. Match the luxury of your vehicle with the proper body language.

4. Know your party limits.

Most nights out involve alcohol. If your group is having drinks, have at least one person who can look after everyone. If you decide to drink all night, avoid making a mess in the limo.

5. Follow the rules.

The simplest etiquette tip is to follow whatever rules the rental company gives you so you can go to them again should you need their services in the future.

These tips are here not to be your party pooper but to ensure your safety and help you avoid extra charges due to damages to the vehicle. Keep these in mind, and everyone will be rocking in style the whole night.