7 Things: A List of Wedding Giveaway Ideas

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 9:29pm by Admin

Wedding gifts for guestsYour big day is almost coming and everything you need, from the things everyone will wear up to your party playlist, is all decided upon. But, do not forget that this day is also for your guests. Therefore, handing a little token of appreciation is just right.

If you, like other brides out there, have not really thought about what to hand your guests just yet. Then you have come to the right place. 

1. Stationery

Let printing shops in Australia help you customise the stationery you're going to give away. Not only will it help your guests remember that fun night, it is also something that they can use whenever they need someplace to write. Plus, it is handy and easy to take home.

2. Magnets

Another easy thing to take home is magnets. Customise it in a way that your guests will gladly take it home and include it in the fridge magnet collection.

3. Wine glass

If you have the budget, the going for customised wine glass is the way to go. This giveaway is a great choice, especially if you hold your event at a wine distillery or at a fine dining restaurant.

4. Coasters

Personalised coasters can add more life not just to your living room, but to your guests as well. Giving out specially designed coasters will definitely be useful in every household.

5. Mason jars

Make the ladies happy by giving away mason jars. It might be bulky, but it is definitely one of the useful giveaways your guests will use and appreciate.

6. Tote bags

Tote bags with a personalised design and logo are not only handy, but are useful as well. If you are the casual and chill type couple, then this is the choice for you.

7. Plants

Let your guests bring home plant centerpieces or give away small plants for them to take home. Even people who do not have a green thumb will definitely give gardening a try. Plus, it is a unique and thoughtful gift.

Hopefully, the provided list has helped you with your dilemma. All the best for your big day.