Australian Holidays: Reasons for Your Big Family to Visit Ayers Rock

Posted on Jul 26 2016 - 8:59am by Admin

Visiting UluruThinking of taking your large family on an Australian holiday? Don’t hesitate and bring them Ayers Rock! Here are just a few reasons that will convince you to bring them Uluru!

Affordable Family Packages

Uluru encourages group outings since most of the experiences there are truly meant to be shared. Discounted group and family packages allow you to enjoy your experiences without cutting too much into your holiday budget. You can even extend your stay using the 3-4 day packages offered by most tour companies and accommodations at Uluru. Bring your kids along and you will be surprised at how much freebies they can get with the popular Uluru resort accommodation packages, shares Erldunda Roadhouse.

One-of-a-Kind Itinerary

In the whole world, nothing else is similar to the view of Ayers Rock against the clear blue Australian sky. The sunsets and sunrises are some of the most beautiful and internationally renowned natural views ever offered to man. The same can be said of the culture, destinations, people, and activities the visitors of Ayers Rock can experience. And it’s not just all walking or touring. You can even stay put and just stare at the stars while sleeping or having dinner.

Family Bonding Activities

There is hiking, riding, and other typical tourist activities, but there are also cultural shows, unique arts and crafts, and demonstrations of the famous skills of the local people that are uniquely Uluru. These activities are usually done, viewed, and enjoyed as a group. And these events can accommodate visitors of different ages, nationalities, or interests. That’s maximising your budget while enjoying yourselves, the activity, and each other all at the same time.

Just for these three reasons, an Uluru visit is the kind of outing perfect for a big group. Do contact a reputable tour company for your needs and reservations. And don’t forget to bring your whole family’s fun side along with your luggage.