Burglary and Robbery: Protection Methods for Small Business Owners

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 12:49am by Admin

Small businesses are prime targets for break-in robbery and burglary. Burglars often operate at night in search for dark and easy-to-enter stores. But, robbers often attack at closing or opening time when there is light customer traffic, and they are usually attracted by a careless display of cash.

Since you may be the next burglary or robbery, you must know the safety measures that are available to reduce the impact of these crimes.

Install an Alarm System

BurglaryEngage a licensed alarm company with a central monitoring station to supply and install for you an alarm system. Ensure you check the alarm system daily. And for even greater defense, advertise the presence of the alarm system with the company’s sticker or sign to deter the criminals.

Most importantly, ensure you have a digital mobile radio system in your business premises to alert the authorities and emergency response teams in cases of robbery or burglary. MOTOTRBO supplies security teams and even police corps with reliable mobile radios, so consider procuring a set as well.

Locks and Padlocks

The locks on all your inside security doors and outside entrances should be double-cylinder deadbolts with collars that are removable. Ensure the deadbolt has at least a one-inch throw protected by a latch guard and containing a hardened steel insert. Also, purchase hardened steel padlocks mounted on bolted hasps, and they should always remain locked to avoid being exchanged.


All security and outside doors should be of solid construction, lined with metal, and secured with thick metal crossbars. Also, the jambs around the doors should be solid. Ensure you pin all exposed hinges to prevent removal.


All your windows should have secure locks. Adding burglar-resistant glass treatment is also an added advantage. For example, you can install polyester security films that should be used with a glass break sensor alarm. Windows that are highly vulnerable should be reinforced with metal grates.

According to statistics, 1,780 robberies and 32,100 burglaries occur each year in Western Australia. These rates are alarming, and you do not want to be the next victim of these crimes. Thus, ensure you protect your business by following these tips.