Charter Programs: An Alternative for Bullied Kids

Posted on Aug 16 2018 - 12:35pm by Admin

Bullied kidSchool bullying is an endemic problem in America’s public schools. The classroom setting encourages academic success, but is fiercely competitive — a combination that fuels bullying. Children who are different and are set apart from the mould are more likely to become the victims of bullying. If they have a learning difficulty, disability, or just don’t wear the right clothes, other students can make life a misery.

The Shocking Bullying Statistics

About 31% of young people said that they have been bullied in school and over 70% of students and teachers say they have witnessed bullying in their school. Far from being a childish tit-for-tat, school bullying can have lasting effects. Anxiety and depression is one common effect.

In the U.S. today, one in 33 children has depression. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals aged 12 to 17. Many of those deaths were due to bullying.

A 12-year-old made headlines in March 2018 after he took his own life by self-inflicted gunshot. He had been bullied at school so relentlessly that he would come home crying every day. School officials did nothing to stop the bullying.

Those who endure it and come out the other side may not escape unscathed. Bullying induces permanent changes in the stress responses of the brain and can affect how they regulate their own emotions into adulthood. Adults who were bullied at school are more likely to have mental health problems, become alcoholics, or use drugs.

Try the Charter School Program

If you think that your child is being bullied and doesn’t want to attend a traditional school anymore, then surprise charter schools could be an alternative method of education. Children can work at a flexible pace in the safety of their own home with computer-based learning programs. They can complete their high school education free from bullying while they build up their self-esteem again.

Homeschooling through charter programs is the increasingly popular way to banish the bullies.