Check out These Marketing Tactics with the Highest Yields

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 5:19pm by Admin

A marketing team at workWhile no business can be successful without marketing, there are marketing strategies that are simply not worth your time or money. In times when businesses are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency, you need to make sure that each marketing dollar yields the highest returns.

Here are three marketing tactics that bring the best return on investment (ROI).

1. Vehicle wraps

Given the incredible efficiency of advertising through vehicle wraps in Utah and around the world, it’s shocking that not all businesses embrace this strategy. A large majority of people notice and remember ads on vehicles.

Those that do actually say that placing ads on vehicles makes a great impression on the business. What’s more, vehicle wraps cost less than a dollar per thousand impressions, while advertising through other avenues costs many times that amount.

2. SEO and content marketing

One of the most impressive things about this kind of marketing is that you could get started with little or no monetary investment. SEO yields almost immediate returns, given that the majority of today’s clients shop online.

You also get to experience exponential scaling over time rather than just getting linear results. As you continue to experience impressive returns, you might want to invest more time and money to scale the strategy to a higher level.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing has consistently been described by well over half of businesses that have implemented it as the best form of online marketing strategy. Every dollar invested in this marketing avenue earns many times the initial investment.

All you need to do is build up an email list and sending out emails. As your email list increases, your client base expands.

Not all marketing strategies will be effective for the expansion of your business. Ultimately, you are looking for a marketing campaign that has an impressive ROI and which you can sustain for a long time.