Choosing the Right Headstone for Your Loved One

Posted on Jun 5 2017 - 4:28am by Admin

HeadstoneLosing a beloved family member, friend, or relative is never easy, but there are ways you can make their legacy live on. The life and character of your departed loved ones will forever be remembered through the engraved words and images in their headstones.

Thus, it is important to choose the right headstones in Salt Lake City to use. Here are some important factors to consider:

Stone Color and Type

There are different types of stones you can use, including graphite and marble, which come in different shades. Most cemeteries would allow any natural stone, but some churchyards may not allow particular types of stone. It is best to consult with your stonemason first before deciding on the stone type and color to use.

Headstone Size

The size of the headstones also matter. Depending on the location of the grave, there are usually maximum size limits. The headstone size may also be indicative of the age of the deceased, but this will depend on the desires of the bereaved family.

Quotations to Include on the Headstone

Quotations may be used to represent the life, character, and spirit of the departed. Meaningful sayings can be relayed to succeeding generations as a way of allowing the legacy of the deceased to live on. When choosing the quotations, the proper font and color are important factors to consider.

Photos and Ornamentations

A photo of the deceased on the headstone can serve as a visual reminder to the ones left behind. Ornamentations, on the other hand, can be symbolic of the departed loved one’s religion, personality, or hobby, so the family will never forget.

These are only some factors to consider when deciding on the headstone to place on your loved one’s grave. The idea is to create a lasting legacy for the deceased loved one.