Cladding Disasters You Want to Spare Your House From

Posted on Mar 28 2016 - 7:02am by Admin

Wall CladdingCladding makes the exterior of your house attractive. But, no matter how durable it may be, some problems are unavoidable. With proper care and maintenance, you can prevent these from happening. Some materials are more prone to deterioration because of natural causes, so be careful and choose the materials for your weatherboard claddings wisely.

Disasters cause deterioration on exterior claddings and the only way to prevent damaged walls is maintenance. If something on your exterior wall looks odd and misplaced, have it checked before it worsens and ruins your house’s façade.

Ill-Fitting Cladding

Claddings are not there just for aesthetic purposes. Miscalculation can be a cause of ill-fitting claddings, and this alone could mean the ruin of the façade. Slight air gaps provide ventilation, but too many openings can cause moisture to go inside the material, causing the walls to rot from the inside.

Metal Fixings

Nails and screws are prone to corrosion, so change them once they show signs of rust, especially if it is through timber cladding. Moisture inside the timber can produce acetic acid, which corrodes metal fixings faster. Neglecting them could put the boards at risk. Metal claddings are prone to corrosion, but the ones made of aluminium can withstand moisture and corrosion.

Shrinkage and Warping

Some materials tend to shrink, as these are continuously exposed to different types of weather conditions as opposed to materials like vinyl, which expands with longer exposure.

Warping can decrease the visual appeal of the exterior of your house. If you are going for wooden claddings, make sure the level of stability is high for longevity.

Cracking and Fading

Nailing vinyl cladding too tight will cause it to crack once it starts expanding and contracting due to the changing weathers. Maintenance for these kinds of claddings include replacements and repainting with choice paint, so it expands and contracts with the vinyl itself.


Bushfires have become prevalent, and these may start anywhere in the house. That’s why your exterior walls and claddings need regular maintenance to make sure that sparks do not ignite from within. If they do, it could spread throughout your house.

The visual appeal of your house’s façade all depends on the materials you choose for it. It may look good now, but you also have to think of its condition in the long run.