Decided on Promotional Products? Answer These Four Questions

Posted on Jun 23 2016 - 9:57pm by Admin

Promotional ProductsSome say promotional products are the oldest form of advertising. They work according to some innate predisposition in us to give back after getting something. Marketers over the years have unlocked the power surrounding this rule of reciprocity and applied it in their strategies.

They grow your business in many ways, from boosting brand recognition to increasing foot traffic in tradeshow promotions. But you won’t maximise their advantage without defining your objectives, your budget and how these products can meet your objectives.

Here are some questions that need a clear answer before you can start implementing this strategy:

What Products Should I Invest In?

Most of the time, the choice of product relies on the nature of the business and your budget. But without being too specific about it, companies tend to choose everyday items such as bags, business items, desk accessories, drinkware and apparel.

They may be mundane, but there are lots of ways to be inventive with them. This is where design and material take the front seat.

LanyardsSpeaking of design, custom lanyards are becoming a popular choice for their flexibility in use and creativity. They have several advantages:

  • Custom lanyards simplify identification among employees within different departments.
  • They are front and centre and hard to miss. They put your brand logo in front of customers in the most uncomplicated way.
  • They are personal and differentiate your business. With the right design and customisation, no other lanyard will look like yours.
  • They are perfect giveaways for your customers if only for their practicality.

Who Are My Customers?

Make sure the products are in line with your business and your target market. For example, custom lanyards and desk supplies are more effective if you are targeting corporate clients. Likewise, balls, caps and t-shirts work best if you are in the fitness industry. Moreover, table cloths, coasters and other home & kitchen items are great options if you are a family-oriented business.
Try not to over-brand and over-design these products. If they are for everyday use, your customers would want them to be smart and subtle.

Where and When Can I Give Them Away?

The answer is intertwined with your objective. If you are looking to attract new customers, a promotional product guised as a free gift can be a good start.

As we mentioned before, branded products can boost traffic during a trade show. Have promotional items ready for distribution on the big day. Attendees will queue up eagerly for your ‘free stuff’—with their interest and curiosity piqued.

How Do I Start?

Good news: It’s easy to include promotional products in your marketing plan.

Better news: We make it even easier at Dynamic Gift. Promotional products, when used properly, can be rewarding for sales and revenue, as well as for your brand’s exposure and reputation.

We make this strategy work by offering superior quality in design and materials. At affordable prices, our selection of items gives you exceptional value for your money.

So, what now?

You know promotional products are effective. But before you spring into action, take a moment to consider these four questions. Call us when you have the answer. Dynamic Gift is ready to be part of your marketing success.

For information on pricing and a free design preview, contact us today.