Design Inspiration: A Roundup of Unique and Interesting Roof Styles

Posted on Jan 29 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

House with a well-designed roofFamilies who are excited to plan their home usually have an array of design inspirations in mind. There are plenty of sources for other parts of the home, but there is only a few dedicated to roof designs. After all, most don’t usually focus on the roof, but adding your touch can make a difference to the overall design. Before you pick up the phone to get in touch with roofing companies in Lancaster, PA, consider the unique and interesting roof styles below.

Saltbox Roof

Characterized by a charming, historic roof style, saltbox roof originated when colonizers thought of adding space using minimal materials. All they had to do was construct a lean-to onto the existing gabled roof, thereby forming an asymmetrical design. These have the same features as early Colonial and Cape Cod homes, yet this one has an extra living space. At the same time, it still allows water runoff.

Mansard Roof

Also called the French roof, mansard roof consists of sides coming down and meeting a low-pitched roof. Traditionally, this style consists of an extra living area that has dormers placed on the roof to carry light into the attic or topmost living space. This roof style gives you the option to add the finished living space and dormers in the future, so it doesn’t have to be built all at once.

Frame Gable Roof

As a child, you learned to draw the classic symmetrical child to sketch a house. Frame gable roof is what you are most likely familiar with for this is the most commonly used roof shape in the U.S. This shape can easily shed snow and rain in wet climates, which is probably the reason for the preference.

Apart from the ones listed here, there are plenty of other roof styles and their combination to choose from. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or design your own for you have the benefit of getting professional advice from knowledgeable roofers.