Dying Abroad: What to Do for Your Final Farewell in Spain

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

dying old manWhen planning a move to Spain, you need to consider many things. The country is a popular choice for British seniors because aside from a health insurance policy, the weather, and the relaxing atmosphere, many expats have a lot of options for a funeral planning services in the country, explains Golden Leaves International.

Dying in Spain can be expensive for relatives who are left behind. Moving a body from Spain back to the UK can cost thousands of pounds. There are extra fees for a zinc-lined coffin – a requirement for international transportation. Another condition is embalming, and it is necessary to have an embalming certificate, together with an English translation of the death certificate. All of these incur additional fees.

The High Cost of Spanish Funerals

Even if an expat chooses to have their funeral and interment in Spain, they can still expect significant costs. A cremation, the preferred type of funeral in Spain, costs more than £4,000 – roughly double the cost of a UK cremation. If the deceased wished to have their ashes returned to Britain, repatriation costs would still apply.

Burial is an option in Spain, but this has ongoing costs. The method of burial is an above ground niche. This is a vault to contain the coffin. Most families usually rent a niche for a specified period, of a maximum of 15 years. After that, the body will be moved to a communal grave unless further fees are paid to secure the private space. Most relatives dislike the idea of a mass grave, so the extra cost of maintaining a niche is considered in every burial.

Choosing a Funeral Plan

One way to ensure that the surviving relatives will have enough for the funeral is to choose a prepaid funeral plan. Spain has many expat funeral services. Policyholders can plan and pay for their funeral via easy instalments. Having a repatriation plan will ensure that the payment is complete, even if the price rise in the future.

British nationals need not fear about the rising costs of funeral services in Spain. They could always choose a prepaid funeral plan that caters to British nationals, so they lessen the stress and the impact of a death in the family.