Easy and Fast Ways to Market your Franchise

Posted on Aug 9 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Business Franchise OpportunityMany franchise owners think that they shouldn’t bother with marketing either because they think it’s a complex monster they just don’t want to tackle or because they already have marketing support from their franchisors. However, marketing isn’t rocket science, and it’s crucial to your franchise’s success. So don’t just rely on your franchisor’s marketing strategy, unless your franchise agreement states that you should only follow their marketing plan.

Whether you just bought one of the most profitable food franchises or printing franchises such as Signarama, below are some easy marketing techniques you could do on your own.

Consider Offering Coupons or Deals

Brick-and-mortar franchise businesses have huge success from offering coupons and different deals. These are good strategies for attracting new customers, getting repeat customers, and retaining loyal customers. Start with one coupon or deal and advertise it on your website, social media, and the local newspaper. When starting out, it’s critical that you offer just one deal so that you could accurately determine if it’s benefiting your business or not, only then should you move on and experiment with different deals.

Build a Relationship with a Community Group

Choose one group that you could align your business with. For instance, you could become a vendor on one of your community’s yearly events. If you have a sub-franchise, you could hand out samples, come in with a decked-out booth, and hold a contest or giveaway to attract customers. You could likewise consider sponsoring a local sports team, school group, or organization and give out supplies now and then.

Check Out What Others are Saying About Your Business on Social Media

Everyone’s practically on social media nowadays, so your customers are probably there too. Search your brand on social media so you could respond promptly to what people are saying about your business. If you see compliments, make certain to thank those who complimented your business. And if you see an angry or disappointed post, contact the person who posted it and try to do some damage control. Social media is an effective way to connect with customers so make sure that you allocate some of your time and budget for social media marketing.

The key to marketing success is to implement one or two changes at a time so that you could keep track of the results. You just need to pay attention to your sales, foot traffic, the amount of coupons or deals that were redeemed and monitor your website analytics. Once you have all this vital information, you could them make more insightful decisions about what you should do next.