Experiencing Singapore through Its Malls

Posted on Apr 27 2017 - 3:12pm

The Lion City SingaporeSince 2012, tourists to Singapore have been choosing malls over casinos. It is now very noticeable that tourists, especially first-time visitors from China opt to spend more on shopping than on gaming. Let us look at some of the pull factors attracting people to the malls.


The malls themselves are beautifully built, boasting many unique structures. Singapore’s malls each have their distinctive wow factors. Futuristic façades, expensive artwork, and green technologies are common features in Singapore’s malls.


Some are walking distance from each other in the shopping belt, and many can be accessed by train and are a few minutes from the airport. You can go from mall to mall without hailing a cab and the shopping areas are always sheltered.

Live/Work Function

Many malls are situated near, or even in business zones and residential areas. International developer Lendlease’s Paya Lebar Quarter is designed to be a community where working, shopping, dining and living functions converge. These beautifully designed open spaces are designed to act as convening areas for people to move around, engage and interact with others, especially with people living and working in the area.

Common Spaces

Singapore is teeming with different cultures. Singapore’s malls have centralised areas which are sometimes used for events and cultural displays to give shoppers an engaging experience, in turn creating a vibrant communal identity rather than just be a cluster of concrete buildings.

Singapore is a utopia for foodies and shopaholics, and its malls are now shifting to one-stop shops of entertainment, culture, even work and living. In effect, Singaporean malls are much more than a collection of shopping outlets. They are hubs of wonderful architecture, fascinating cuisine, shopping opportunities as well as offering places calm and relaxation. It is little wonder that so many flock to enjoy Singapore’s malls.