Fast Remedies for a Green Swimming Pool

Posted on Jun 7 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Boy swimming in a lap poolHave you just woken up to a green swimming pool? The green color in the pool is caused by an infestation by algae, which contain the green pigment chlorophyll. Since chlorine controls this problem, the most likely cause is something related to the chlorine level in the pool. Pool cleaning experts in McKinney, TX share the following solutions:

Test the Water

Obviously, the chlorine level in the water is inadequate, so testing for this chemical isn’t necessary at this point. The most important thing to do is a pH test and based on the results, add either a base or an acid to attain a 7.8. You want to have this higher level to kill the algae.

Shock the Pool

The most effective way of killing the green coloring organisms is to shock the pool. This introduces extreme levels of chlorine. The best shock handles both bacteria and algae. Following the directions on the shock package, make sure you apply the right amount for the water.

Check the Filters

Whether your pool runs on a cartridge filter, a sand filter, or diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, the most important thing here is to ensure sound operation. Get rid of all obstructions, especially on the drain. Filtration will be crucial for the next couple of days, as the chemicals act on the algae and bacteria.

Unless you want the green color to appear again in future, you need to keep the pool in good condition. Make sure you have a good chlorinating system and update the filtration system.

A green pool can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can get rid of the problem within a few days. Chemicals, proper equipment, and regular maintenance play important roles in this process.