Halloween: 5 Survival Tips for the Fainthearted

Posted on May 12 2017 - 1:13am

Couple in Costume Opening the Haunted House DoorWho says adults don’t enjoy Halloween? Surely, going to one house after the other for some trick or treat might not be as exciting, but screaming your hearts out at a haunted mansion is.

A self-confessed fainthearted and scaredy-cat? Don’t worry. Here are the most effective and simple ways to survive Halloween attractions in Minnesota while actually enjoying it.

1. Go in groups

Stepping into a dark room with barely any light, creepy sounds, screams, and even fog can make any person scream and run out. Having someone to share that scary moment together, however, can make the experience less frightening and more exciting. The more people you go with, the more courage you can muster (hopefully).

2. Scream (Internally!)

Monsters, or scare actors, feed on fear. The more you show them you are scared, the more they will scare you. Scream if you must, but do scream internally to not attract more surprises. It’s difficult to appear composed when you are screaming from the inside, but doable.

3. It’s okay to cheat

Some attractions offer the layout of the area. Some get creative and turn to the Internet to get as much information about the attraction to prepare themselves. Go on and do it, too. It’s okay to cheat and read the spoilers to let you know what to expect.

4. They are not real

Again, they are not real. They are human beings who happen to look a lot less than a human being than you and your friends, thanks to make-up and prosthetics.

5. Learn to enjoy

Keep your mind off getting scared and do enjoy the whole adventure. It might be a fun experience for some, but it would definitely be both fun and fulfilling for you.

Face your fears (literally), and don’t say no to such adventures again. You might enjoy this experience more than you can imagine.