Harnessing Ground Water in New Zealand

Posted on Dec 18 2017 - 3:59am by Admin

Image of a welldrilling machineHumankind relies on water for everything.  Before pipes and modern water reservoirs, water wells were the primary source of fresh water for all uses. Though rivers are the lifelines for all countries around the world, their use as the sole source of drinking water is limited.

Due to this limitation, people have often relied on deep water springs and welldrillers for their clean water supplies. Their presence in villages and towns ensures the availability of relatively pure groundwater that is appropriate for drinking and cooking purposes. Groundwater is in fact rainwater that has managed to seep through multiple layers of soil. This seepage functions as a natural filtration mechanism, thus making the groundwater clean and safe for human consumption.

Drilling Wells

A long time ago, digging a well was an extremely strenuous and lengthy procedure. These days, mechanised water well drillers use full automation when drilling for a well. They are extremely time efficient and provide the necessary means of harnessing groundwater, especially in places where fresh water is scarce.

Groundwater Use in New Zealand

The average per capita availability of fresh water in New Zealand has always been considered sufficient. However, geographical location and climatic patterns influence the availability.

For instance, water availability for people residing in the Marlborough region depends on whether they live in Marlborough Sounds where there is high rainfall or in the relatively drier regions of the shores of the Wairau River.

Water obtained from wells and bores are channelled through pipes to such drier areas to make the availability of fresh water uniform across the region. This not only eliminates the scarcity of drinking water but also opens ups freshwater resources.

Making clean water available for everyone is every country’s goal, and in New Zealand, it is something the government and its people are striving to turn into reality.