Here are 5 Simple Ways You Can Support a Grieving Family

Posted on Mar 20 2018 - 10:37am by Admin

a woman comforts a grieving elderlyNothing can ever compare to the sorrow of losing a loved one, and there’s no way that anyone or anything can take away the grief that it brings to the family. But that doesn’t mean you should just let them wallow in their despair.

Didericksen Memorial explains that grieving families need all the support they need. So, as a friend of a grieving family, you can support them through this difficult time in these simple ways.

1. Be available by being there

Sometimes the situation is too difficult for the family to speak to anyone. During those times, let them be. But be sure you’ll be there when they’re ready to be around people again. That’s an excellent opportunity for you to help out.

2. Cook for them or bring them food

In times of grief, food may be the last thing on their mind. Be there to prepare their meals or to remind them that they need to eat. Preparing meals may be a big task for someone in grief and being the cook for the family will help them significantly.

3. Keep up with housekeeping

People may come and go to say their condolences. Making sure the house is kept clean or that dishes are washed is a good way to lessen the things that they need to worry about.

4. Help with the necessities

Does the family have a pet that needs care? Are there supplies that they need to replenish? Be that person who takes the initiative to help them with these essentials.

5. When everyone’s left, stay involved

For the wife left at home or the brother who needs to go back to work, the time when they’re left alone is the most difficult. Stay in touch with a simple text message or phone call.

All these you can summarize in two words: doing something. Whether it’s carrying flowers or helping serve guests, taking action will show them that you care and that there’s someone they can count on in their time of need.