How Do Social Signals Affect SEO?

Posted on Nov 22 2016 - 6:02pm by Admin

SEO Strategy Do social signals really matter towards your SEO ranking? As with the many questions related to SEO rank, the answer isn’t simple. Basically, although social signals such as likes on your Facebook page or followers on your Instagram account don’t directly affect search results, they do indirectly affect your website rank.

So What Do Social Signals Do?

Similar to quality and relevant content, social signals could drive use engagement, which in turn translates to increased outbound links, repeat visitors, reduced bounce rate, and enhanced citation visibility. And all these are crucial if you want to increase your organic search ranking. In other words, the power of social signals is from synergy, such that your social media accounts serve as your marketing PR platform, supporting content with your target market in mind for greatest impact.

In addition, Google and other search engines don’t monitor the followers or likes on your social media accounts. However, although they’re not monitoring these numbers, the ripple effect of these numbers actually affects your SERPs rank in some way, such that social signals actually let search engines know that your website is abuzz in social media and has high user engagement.

However, the real significance will be determined when your social signals become actual social shares. If you deliver quality content, your followers will be scrambling to share it, which in turn drives traffic back to your website. This seemingly indirect effect also means that you enhance your citation visibility, outbound links, and repeat visitors to your website, as well as reduce your bounce rate, which in turn might ultimately translate to a higher rank in SERPs.

The Takeaway

Yes, social signals are extremely vital and using social media for marketing your brand is now more crucial than ever. However, you should invest in building your social signals for the long haul, knowing that if you could deliver genuine value to your target audience, search engines will consider that value valuable to them as well.

In addition, while a bump in traffic is great and all, if you don’t have clear strategy to further engage your audience, you won’t be able to maintain them. If you’re looking for services aimed at social signals to improve your search rank, you must have clear goals and plans in mind for consistent improvement of traffic and lead engagement.