How to Get that Cosy Feel at Home

Posted on May 5 2017 - 1:04am by Admin

Cosy BedroomYour home should be the perfect place where you can kick off your shoes and just relax. Unfortunately, your home decor may not always promote a cosy atmosphere.

Here is what you can do to solve this.

Make Good Use of the Blinds

Sometimes, all it takes to make your room seem cosy is by the proper use of light. Try installing electric powered window blinds in your room and instantly open or close the pathway to natural lighting. You will find that even at 12 noon, keeping the windows closed will give you that feeling of contentment.

Build Your Relaxation Nook

Create a corner that is just for you with all your favourite things conveniently on hand. If you are a reader, you can try creating a reading nook with a large comfortable chair, a bright reading light, and perhaps a convenient coffee table.

Your much-loved pillow, a rug, and maybe even a favourite drink are excellent additions for that cosy feel. Try using colours that are warm to the eye.

Have Plants in Your Home

There is nothing quite like the presence of plants to give you that homey feeling. Choose your plants wisely, though. Succulents are perfect because they do not require much attention. Flowers are equally great and can add some scent to the room.

Install a Humidifier in the Room

Increase comfort in your own home by installing a humidifier and throwing in some scented oils in the mix to give your home that refreshing smell. There is nothing quite like inhaling the scent of lemon or roses wherever you go.

Plus, the humidifier adds some much-needed humidity in the air to help your skin hydrate.

Keeping your home feeling cosy and relaxing ensures that you will have the chance to recharge in between those crazy days of work. Invest in these simple tricks and make the most out of your days.