Improve Your Sales With Proper In-Store Lighting

Posted on Sep 20 2018 - 6:35pm by Admin

Woman shopping in a well-lit storeBuying is an emotional process and getting the customers in the right buying mood will do wonders for your store, notes a provider of commercial lighting in Florida. Recent studies indicate that installing a new lighting scheme increases the average spend per customer. With proper lighting, you create a beautiful ambiance that tempts people to linger in the store.

The longer they linger or mill around looking through your offerings, the more they are likely to buy. Shoppers tend to flock to establishments where they feel comfortable, and this spells excellent news for your business.

Make your clients feel welcome

General store layout, your displays, and product placement are instrumental in enhancing the customer experience. To this end, you should customize it to appeal to the personality of your ideal customers. Choosing the proper lighting scheme serves as the cherry on top.

Lighting has an emotional impact on the shoppers, directs them towards crucial merchandise and affects how they perceive your business. Warm, soft light creates a relaxed atmosphere for your shoppers. Bright light, on the other hand, gives prominence to your products, drawing the interest of the shopper to them.

Direct their attention

Every business has its best-sellers and the right choice lighting you can give them some prominence and drive sales even higher. High contrast retail lighting increases perception, heightening levels of attention. With multiple lighting sources, you can create contrast and draw your customer’s attention to the high-ticket items or a sales area.

However, you need to use the contrast effect sparingly to achieve the desired results. If you have extensive displays, backlighting draws shopper’s attention to shelves they are likely to overlook. Backlighting also creates a soft and intimate environment that causes people to linger as they look through the items on display.

Successful outlets make the in-store environment part of their sales process. With the use of smart lighting, they create a comfortable atmosphere that causes people to linger and shop more.