Innovations to Amp Your Home Office Ceiling and Wall Panelling

Posted on Feb 21 2018 - 4:16am by Admin

Abstract architectural and noise blocking wall panel for home or officeAre you looking for something to cover up a damaged ceiling? Perhaps, it is time for installing a new interior for a room you plan to convert into a home office. Manufacturers in Australia offer systems that integrate function and design. Continuous systems are available as well for a smooth transition. However, before you are carried away, consider the following factors first.

Noise reduction and control

The wide range of available ceiling and wall applications reflect the many technological innovations people enjoy today. One application to consider is noise reduction technology offered by acoustic wall panels. Soundproofing materials and acoustical surfaces are relatively affordable these days for residential and commercial applications. Some companies, such as Supawood, offer made-to-order panels, and there are acoustic panels with high flame rating as well. If you want a home office that is protected from noise, sound control technology is now within your reach.

Innovative materials

Wood, aluminium or concrete may be the materials you are thinking of canvassing for, but it is better to open your mind to innovations. Newly formulated fibreglass composites show promise in terms of durability, resistance to corrosion, maintenance cost and performance life. Fibreglass wall and ceiling systems are essentially impervious to decay. They are also applicable to hygienic settings for their resistance to pathogens. Modern finishing compounds provide further protection as well.

These modern materials meet your expectations while complying with current building codes. Aside from fibreglass composites, high-quality PVC panels are also promising. They are resistant to scratches, resistant to mould and mildew, do not support bacterial growth and are cost-effective as well. Other advantages offered by high-quality PVC are an easy installation, high strength to weight ratio and high fire ratings. Instead of settling for conventional materials, you can always go for fibreglass composite or PVC.

Exciting ceiling and wall technology awaits if you find time to explore alternative options. This is a good time to choose innovative over conventional materials for your home office.