Is Your Company’s Recruitment Strategy Brexit-Proof?

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 6:20pm by Admin

Recruitment processA company’s recruitment plan will partly determine the fate of their business post-Brexit, but many enterprises remain unprepared for its impact, according to a survey.

Whether they are in Ipswich or Felixstowe, A&S Recruitment noted that shipping jobs would still need to be filled despite the changes in customs regulations. Companies particularly rely on EU workers for these roles, yet the UK has lost its appeal due to the referendum vote.

Lacklustre Appeal

LinkedIn reported that more professionals during the first quarter chose the EU for potential opportunities, instead of looking for work in the country. The report showed that the migration of professionals into the UK has fallen by 26% over the last 12 months.

The same has happened for professionals from other parts of the world, as there were 20% fewer people who looked for work in the country. The report based its findings on the responses of more than 600 recruitment and HR professionals, and almost 30% of them think that the UK has become a less attractive place for employment. Nearly all respondents also believe that Brexit is the main reason.

Contingency Plans

For the shipping industry, the exodus of qualified talents serves as one of the many other negative implications. Customs rules are about to change with Brexit, which could lead to delays at ports. The British Chambers of Commerce surveyed 835 logistics companies, which showed that around one-third of them are yet to create a contingency plan.

Some have already planned to invest in training and customs skills, but they only represented almost 8% of the respondents.

As the employment landscape changes in the UK, companies need to be prepared ahead of Brexit. This includes an efficient recruiting plan with the help of third-party HR service providers. What is your recruitment strategy in the near future?