Keeping a Regular Scheduled Maintenance for Efficient Use

Posted on Jun 5 2018 - 5:30pm by Admin

man inspecting an air conditionerAir conditioners are weather dependent machines. In cold climates or cold weather, air conditioners are seldom used. Necessarily, during summer or if the weather turns too warm, these are also turned on. This seasonality is one reason for the need for regular maintenance.

When you require air conditioning contractors in Sydney, it is also essential to understand other reasons why air conditioners require maintenance.


As a machine, the air conditioner is operated for long stretches of the day. In some offices, these are always turned on, and use thermostat controls to temporarily shut down when it gets too cold. The long operating hours mean that there is also a big dependence on these machines to perform properly.

Without proper maintenance procedures, performance suffers. When performance is inefficient, energy consumption increases, even if the temperature is not controlled properly.

There are a lot of parts to an air conditioner. The whole unit has to be cleaned, and the moving parts have to be checked to see if any are broken, or need replacement.

Almost all the parts need to be cleaned because the cooling unit is kept outdoors. Debris of all kind gets stuck inside the cooling unit. Filters and fans need to be cleaned. Ducts also have to be checked to ensure that the cool air passes through in an efficient manner.

Replacing Parts

If there are any abnormal noises, if the unit is too noisy, or if it sounds like it is grating, then the maintenance person might need to do a more detailed inspection. If necessary, some of the parts might have to be replaced.

For instance, if a filter is already filled with holes, it has to be replaced. If the fan is bent or touches any other object, it will create a different noise. Fans cannot be easily fixed. Instead, these are quickly replaced. The coolant is also checked if it is still within operating pressure. If it is not, then it has to be refilled, and the tubes checked for holes.