Learn How Eye-catching Videos Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Posted on Mar 29 2017 - 6:05am by Admin

Video Marketing Text on a LaptopEye-catching and captivating videos are increasingly becoming useful tools in driving traffic to a particular website. These videos, as well as their descriptions, often include information like a website URL and social media network addresses.

Improving the volume of organic traffic seems to be on the mind of every website owner and manager nowadays. This is because the attraction of gaining new customers and increasing sales is too juicy to ignore.

Sure, they know content is king and plays boosting traffic, however, website managers sometimes are not sure how to do it. What they do is upload more write-ups and images as if there is no tomorrow. Well, they are right about content being king but does it attract visitors to in hordes?

Informative Write-Up

There are some efficient ways to attract visitors and make them stay on your website a little longer. Providing short and meaningful write-up and images, sometimes with a touch of humour, have been proven to be effective in attracting visitors.

Nevertheless, with gazillions of similar information formats on Internet today, attracting visitors using the same method is becoming more difficult. In fact, Nielsen Norman Group revealed that while users visit websites for information, they seldom, if at all, read anything during their visit. It is indeed a paradox.

Short Attention Span

A study conducted by Microsoft Corporation says that people nowadays can usually focus on something for only around eight seconds then lose concentration after that. This information was revealed in a report published at Time.com.

The results of that study also highlighted the effects of the rapidly digitalized brain. Perhaps this is why using the same old method of engaging visitors, and increasing traffic does not work exceedingly well anymore. But there is hope, and it could come in the form of a video.

Compelling Videos

If you notice, more websites are starting to upload eye-catching videos to different video-sharing and social networking sites. Many of these videos contain compelling call-to-action dialogues that include the URL of a site owned by the video publisher.

The message oftentimes consists of free offers, is so exciting that users would find themselves visiting the website shown on the dialogue. These free offers usually convey to visitors that it is worth getting immediately because it can make them feel better. This perhaps explains why video-sharing sites are increasingly becoming popular as a dating traffic source.

Uploading striking videos to video-sharing sites is increasingly becoming a popular method of increasing traffic to a website. These eye-catching videos, which often run for only a few seconds, are designed to capture the attention of users.

When the call-to-action dialogue appears at the end of the video, even some of the most inattentive user will feel the urge to visit the website URL shown. If you have a website of your own, try uploading your own eye-catching and captivating videos now to see the difference.