Life of the Party: Throwing the Best Party Ever

Posted on Aug 13 2015 - 6:35am by Admin

cocktail partyParties are the best way toreconnect and catch up with old friends and gain new ones. Hosting a party is easy, but throwing a great event is another story. Putting together and organising an event everybody remembers is your ultimate goal.

Here are some ideas and few tricks to make your goal a reality:

Find the Best Venue

The first thing you must consider in hosting a party is the place. Experts from say that the venue of your party should match the kind of party are you throwing. Are you going for a cocktail party, a game night or a music jam? You must consider your theme, so you know what to look for in venues.

Consider function venues in restaurants. They offer a lot of amenities and facilities you need when throwing a party. Many function venues in Brisbane offer affordable prices for different occasions.

Have the Right Food

What makes a great party is great food. It is important to plan the menu; ask your caterer about the food they offer and see if it would be appealing to your guests. You may want to have a survey for the guests days before, so you know what they actually want.

Of course, don’t forget to get the drinks sorted out. Consider the age of your guests; offer non-alcoholic drinks if you have younger guests and non-drinkers.

Set the Ambiance with the Perfect Music

A party is not complete without music. In order to suit the mood, you must choose what type of music your guests prefer. Again, this also depends on the kind of party you are throwing. Have a collection of songs and coordinate this with the DJ or the audio technician. Pump up the excitement and get the party started with great music.

Plan the best party with these strategies. Invite as many friends as you have and throw an event everybody will remember.