Marketing Is a Game of Push and Pull

Posted on Aug 2 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Keyboard with best price written on itIf you've ever felt like you were being pulled in different directions, that's because you are. It's how the marketing game works. Each company is trying to pull you towards their corner, while another company is pulling you in the other direction. To get you to support them, each brand considers several things when doing business. 

Tracking Competitors 

To know how to do business, they may turn to their competitors to see the marketing processes that work. You might see one brand reacting to a trending issue, only to be followed by its competitors coming up with a different say on the matter. Sometimes they directly interact with their competitors to seem like the stronger brand. Remember when Samsung challenged its competitors to the ice bucket challenge, knowing that Apple was not offering waterproof iPhones? 

Twitter is also a place for companies to show a little bit of humor in interacting with their competitors. They can have conversations and try to outwit one another. These are all in good fun, though. Underneath the surface, they may be using competitor price monitoring from to see the latest move of their competitors. 

Tracking their Audience 

They are also tracking their audience, to know what kinds of products and services are in demand. They consider the response of consumers to certain ads, then come up with a way to market their business in a more effective manner. Market analysis is an important part of doing business. If a company does not pay attention to what the market wants, there's a low possibility that they will succeed. 

Keyword research is an important part of market analysis. Companies look for the keywords that consumers are using, and market using those keywords for maximum exposure. They also use price matching to get more consumers aboard. 

When you play the game of marketing, you either get more customers or lose them. It all depends on how effective your strategies are, so plan wisely.