Methods for Securing Diamonds to Steel Blades

Posted on Oct 27 2018 - 4:28pm by Admin

Diamond blade used for cutting woodsDiamond blades are made of synthetic diamonds of varying grits bonded to steel cores. Your choice of the method used to secure the diamonds to the blade’s steel core affects its performance differently. It acts as an absorbent for your operation’s heat, prevents the diamond from dropping and determines your blade’s longevity.

There are different techniques and diamond tools used for securing the diamond to a blade. Electroplating, laser welding and silver brazing are some of the common securing methods used.

Laser Welding

This method uses lasers to weld your diamonds onto their steel blades. The blades created are ideal for cutting through green and reinforced concrete, asphalt, metals and other dense or abrasive materials. Laser welding is a superior securing method for the diamond, and will not result in their flying off when used for cutting hard surfaces.

Silver Brazing

This technique is used for diamond blades with a large diameter generally for granite and marble cutting. In silver brazing, the diamonds are brazed onto the steel core using a silver brazing film, which comprises 40% to 50% silver. The bending strength of silver-brazed blades is 350-600MPa. These blades are, however, only used for wet cutting since the high temperatures used in dry cutting might melt the silver solder.


In this technique, the diamonds are embedded in your blade’s metal base. Electroplated blades are thin and ideal for making very high precision cuts. They are used for cutting frozen goods, soft ferrite and graphite.

Choosing the right method of securing diamonds to your cutting tool’s blade is crucial for all jobs. It ensures the blade makes a perfect cut without damaging or loosening the diamonds used. It would be best if you get the tools from a reputable store to guarantee high-quality products.