Must-See Places in Fremantle

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 5:44am by Admin

Visiting FremantleAustralia remains one of the places on most traveller’s bucket lists. Apart from seeing iconic places like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Great Barrier Reef and the Bondi Beach, there is an entire continent waiting to be explored.

For backpackers, what this means is an adventure far beyond the usual tourist spots. And one of the great offers of Australia can be found in Fremantle. This quaint place in Western Australia features a mix of old and new charms. From sights dating back to the 19th century to the boutiques and blends across the city, Fremantle is a great place to visit.

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle is known for its markets. It holds a big piece of Western Australian history. The market hall was built way back in 1897, complete with the facade of an old Victorian building. It has been restored more recently in 1975, dubbing it as the Fremantle Markets that it is today, according to

Since there will be a lot to do in the Fremantle Markets, visitors can go with Fremantle short stay apartments. This way, they can have anything they need while having easy access to the tourist spots. As Be Fremantle says, serviced apartments are usually located at the heart of the place.

Fremantle Prison

Before you freak out, this attraction will not leave you mingling with prisoners. The Fremantle Prison is a sight to behold, with its high limestone walls. Back in the day, the very first convicts had to build the prison themselves. The result was a prison that held 350,000 people from 1855 to 1991, as per Lonely Planet.

Today, however, it serves as an attraction, where backpackers and tourists can check the Doing Time Tour. This will let you see the kitchens, the cells and even the solitary confinement sections. For women, there’s The Great Escapes Tour, which shows the women’s side of the territory.

Fremantle Fishing Boats Harbour

No trip to Fremantle will be complete without a quick stop at the fishing boat harbour. Even though it is a harbour, there are a couple of attractions worth checking. The Shipwreck Museum, the giant Ferris Wheel, the Harbour Trail, the Kidogo Arthouse and the fresh fish market are just some of the best places.

More than the boats themselves, the area is also known for some of the coolest restaurants. TripAdvisor lists the 10 best restaurants near this attraction, including Joe’s Fish Shack, Little Creatures, Carriage Cafe, The Harbour Master and Ball & Chain.

There are a lot of sights to see in Fremantle. Visit these destinations and enjoy what Fremantle has to offer.