New Ideas for a Corporate Event that Isn’t Boring

Posted on Oct 2 2018 - 6:11pm by Admin

group of office workers having a toast over champagneYou have an established company in the heart of Los Angeles. You can’t count how many company events you’ve already hosted. How do you make the next one unique and memorable? Use your location to your advantage and use local flavors to spice up your next corporate event. Here are some ideas:

Serve Tacos

It’s not just everyone’s favorite accessible food. Taco catering is available in LA, and it’s perfect for an event that is low-key and informal. Tacos are easy to consume, and their simple preparation makes them an inexpensive offering even if you are entertaining a big crowd. They are also fun to have around, especially if your caterers can offer drinks that pair well with the flavors.

Invite a String Quartet

Forget live rock bands. Every other business has already scouted a local group and dubbed them “the next biggest hit” in LA. Go against the grain by inviting a string quartet, which will add that cool twist to your corporate event. They encourage attendees to be present at the moment, a feat that rock bands cannot achieve because of the kind of music they produce. Posting about your special guests will also make the event look posh, and everyone will want to be invited in the next one.

Use a Hashtag

Hashtags should not be optional anymore. You want your event to be bigger than it really is, and the way to do that is to get people outside the venue talking about it. Whether you’re launching a product or making an important announcement, your audience can be in the know if they have a hashtag to follow. This also encourages interactivity from guests, as they can use the hashtag to share their experiences during the event.

It takes creativity and skill to come up with a unique event concept every time. That doesn’t mean you can’t revisit old ideas and switch up certain aspects to come up with something new.