Office Rugs: Your Guide to Cowhide

Posted on Jan 15 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

home decorated with rugIf you are looking for accessories to add the extra flair to your office, then cowhide rugs are the way to go. They bring about a sense of textural comfort and a warm element into your interior.

In the yesteryears, these rugs were used as elements of decoration for the interiors of residential houses only. However, with modern developments patchwork cowhide rugs can be used anywhere including modern offices.

With the multiple colors and types, here is a guide to select a cowhide rug suitable to your requirements.

Brindle rugs

If you are seeking for a subtle yet stylish effect, then brindle rugs are what you need. Reason being, the colors are more gradient, hence adding to the cool of neutrally colored space. They are available in colors ranging from dark to light brown allowing you the luxury to select your preference.


If you are looking to achieve a high impact on your space, then Holstein rugs are the best option. They are available in either black and white or brown and white patches, hence creating a major focal point in your office. They are best suited for offices or rooms with a white, bold black or yellow color schemes.

Salt and pepper

These hides comprise a black or brown hide, with white or a lighter colored spotting. They are best on a brightly colored theme such as white, cream or bright yellow. This way, it creates contrast and drama in a quiet room.

Since cowhides are a natural product, no two hides are the same. Therefore, note that sometimes the product shots might not be the same as the actual product. Therefore, ensure that you browse through the catalog images to get an idea of the exact hide that you are purchasing.