Printed Cards Still Rule the Business World

Posted on Sep 6 2015 - 3:12am by Admin

Business CardGiving away business cards is still a norm for people who want to extend their connections. Regardless of whether they’re in a meeting or event, they will usually bring up the opportunity to get to know other people and hand out their cards afterwards. Such is the importance of business cards that some people made them available in the digital platform.

With the proliferation of business cards online, there should be fewer users of printed cards. However, Printend and other online printing companies note that many people are still loyal to business cards.

Business Cards are ‘Impactful’

A survey by Ipsos revealed that many people are still fond of business cards. Researchers found that around 34% of respondents who are small business owners believed that the use of business cards to network is very impactful. In addition, 46% admitted that these cards reflected who they are or what they represent, 42% said these showed their personal brand and 44% said these helped get foot traffic.

Printed business cards are still popular for most people. Around three in ten or 31% small business owners always give out their card when they meet someone new in a business or personal setting. In addition, most of them keep contacts’ business cards at their desk, bulletin board, cubicle or office for future reference.

Other implications behind them

Many people still use printed business cards to prove that hierarchy still matters. Business cards are not just something people use to strike a conversation. These highlight people’s job titles, which is an essential part of their identity.

Others use printed business cards because of the implications and other advantages these provide. These serve as a physical reminder that they actually got to know someone in person, which is a sign of respect and goodwill. Some also argue that printed cards also help them recall faces and meetings better compared to uniform electronic lists.

These findings just show that printed business cards will never go out of style despite technological advances. That’s why if you’re planning to expand your network for business purposes, might as well invest in printed cards.