Proper Maintenance for Powered Wheelchairs

Posted on Sep 5 2018 - 10:00pm by Admin

Man on a powered wheelchairThanks to technology, individuals with mobility issues can move around quickly. Devices such as powered wheelchairs and wheelchair ramps are for sale nowadays. These wheelchairs usually cost a fortune, and it is essential to maintain their condition. Here are the critical maintenance practices for your powered equipment:

Keep the Equipment Dry

Exposing your wheelchair to moisture risks the damage of gears, the battery, and other electrical components. In the event of a spill, always clean the liquids fast.

Recharge the Batteries

Batteries enable your wheelchair to move. When you are not using the wheelchair, you should recharge the batteries. Also, do not expose the batteries to too low or too high temperatures. That way, you can minimise the chances of the batteries exploding. Whenever your batteries approach the end of their life, always go to the supplier of your wheelchair to buy new batteries. Replacing your batteries with imitations can negatively affect the wheelchair and expose yourself to risks of falling.

Check the Wheels

Although the equipment is battery-powered, the wheels and tires play a crucial role in the mobility of the machine. If your tires are solid, ensure that the tread is intact and that there are no signs of wear. If your tires are air-filled, always check the tire pressure and maintain it at the recommended amount. Always replace the tires and wheels when need be.

Look Out for Noises

The operation of your wheelchair should be silent, and any noise arising from the chair means that there is a significant underlying problem. Seeking help after the first sign of noise will help solve the problem before it becomes too severe.

Keeping your powered wheelchair functional requires maintenance practices. Proper care ensures that your equipment will serve you for a long time.