Queensland Launches 3D Welding Programme for $5B Project

Posted on Sep 28 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

a skilled welder holding a welding machineSkilled welders in Queensland who want to meet certain industry qualifications will have a better chance with the state government’s 3D training programme.

The initiative will involve the use of augmented reality, which will help companies by increasing the number of potentially qualified personnel. While there is an abundant welding wire supply in the state, the opposite can be said about skilled welders who meet the ISO 9606 standard.

Multi-billion Project

The state government spent $800,000 for the 3D training system, which is a collaboration with Weld Australia and TAFE Queensland. Training development will be necessary ahead of the $4 billion LAND 400 plan. Weld Australia CEO Geoff Crittenden said that the defence project would be beneficial for jobs and the local economy.

However, the state should first address a shortage of ISO 9606-compliant workers. Weld Australia said this is also evident in other parts of the country, particularly for the defence, maritime and advanced manufacturing sectors.

3D Technology

The training initiative will use five 3D welding simulators at SkillsTech in Acacia Ridge, while five others will be stationed in North and Far North Queensland. It will help workers to be certified under ISO 9606, which is the only recognised welding standard in America and Europe.

Faster training completion served as the reason behind the use of augmented reality, according to Cameron Dick, Queensland state development, manufacturing, infrastructure and planning minister. If traditional methods were employed, workers would have to spend more time on training and eventually require more expenses.

The new training programme will be useful for the state’s delivery of the multi-billion LAND 400 project. Companies should also do their part by investing only in the best welding wire supply and other products. Skilled craftsmanship will not show if the materials fall short of being high quality.