Re-Launch of Launches: 3 Ideas for a Creative Twist on Product Launches

Posted on Nov 5 2018 - 7:12pm by Admin

Creative ways to Launch a New productEvery now and then, a business launches a product in the market, joining player-saturated, cutthroat industries. It’s hard to break into competitive sectors, let alone capture the attention of widely distracted audiences. The key here is to break into the industry creatively.

For you to stand out, you need to think outside the box when it comes to product launches. Here are some ideas:

Use art in telling your stories

It has been a default in launches for the CEO to have a PowerPoint presentation of the product and then discuss its benefits and features. It had been the basic standard, that it has lost its appeal to audiences. Reinvent this and recapture the people’s interest by using art in telling your brand story.

For instance, you can have someone do a live sand art performance to introduce your new product. Or, you can play a series of short films that revolve around the brand values your new product touches, notes ADM Productions. Consult event production companies about other ideas of using art in telling your brand story.

Organize an elaborate game

Another typical part of product launches is the theatre-like seating set-up of the audience. It’s the basic arrangement designed to let people learn from a speaker. The truth is, there are other ways of making your audience learn your product — and it doesn’t have to come from you.

It can come from an interactive game. You can do a treasure hunt of some sorts, in which participants will take on questions about your brand or challenges until they get to a station where they’d be introduced to your new product.

Incorporating an interactive activity in your program lets people discover for themselves your brand and the new product, instead of ‘feeding’ it to them. The exchange of ideas with other participants also better imprints your brand to their consciousness.

Partner with an influencer

It’s not just you who’s supposed to talk about your brand. You need to expand the network of people who can speak for your new product. So, get in touch with influencers. You could have them as a speaker in your launch or encourage them to participate in the interactive games.

You could also use them as part of your social media marketing strategy to create buzz before, during, and after the product launch. Some event production agencies also can help in managing talents so that you can get these services from them as well.

Perhaps it’s time to abandon the old ways of doing a product launch. Put a creative twist to your event to make it stand out.