Scrap Car Recycling: How Can You Benefit From It?

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 12:03am by Admin

Scrap cars being recycledIf you have an old and unused car sitting in your garage taking up precious space, you are probably thinking of ways how to get rid of it. It will not be easy selling it, especially if it has been neglected for a long time. Fixing it may also not be the best option, as you might need to spend a fortune on it and it will still not be as good as new.

Fortunately, you can just have it scrapped, but do not just discard it carelessly. Make sure that the scrap yard you send your old car to is a legitimate auto recycling centre that abides by the strict regulations in the proper scrap car disposal process imposed by the government to protect the environment. Here are some more benefits of having your car properly scrapped.

Regulated process

You need to select the car recycling centre where you will send your old vehicle carefully because some have no regard for the environment at all. Legitimate car recycling centres, unlike other scrap yards, follow strict rules and regulations about how to dispose of scrap vehicles properly. This ensures that the environment is safe from any toxic substances found in cars like brake fluid and used motor oil. 

Proper disposal of toxic substances

Waste oil, antifreeze, battery acid, and brake fluid are just some of the substances found in vehicles that are highly toxic to the environment, which is why they need proper handling and disposal by the experts. When these substances make contact with the ground and water, they can cause havoc to the natural habitat of animals and plants thriving in the area. In worst case scenarios, these substances can get into the main water supply and cause health issues to thousands of people.

Earn cash

One of the best things about scrapping your car, aside from the environmental benefits, is that you also get to earn a few pounds for it. Auto recycling centres pay individuals who send their cars to them for scrapping.