Should Web Designers Offer SEO?

Posted on Oct 12 2015 - 4:13am by Admin

SEOAfter building a website for your client, do you often get asked for recommendations on good SEO companies? This is natural, as no matter how good the site is, it’s useless without web traffic. Someone needs to optimize it for search engines and make sure it attracts users from the business’ target market.

While many web designers simply pass this work on to a trusted acquaintance, wouldn’t it be much more profitable if you could handle it yourself? Clients will also be happy, as they often prefer having one provider for everything they need. Anyone that can offer a complete package — from website development to SEO — is likely to get more contracts.

It’s an attractive proposition, but a few problems stop most from trying:

Expertise – The first and largest barrier is that SEO is an entirely different trade. You will have to dedicate months learning the techniques and industry knowledge required before you can start offering your services on a competitive level.

Marketing – Without any experience, you might find it difficult to advertise your new services. How do you sell SEO to small business owners who have no idea what it’s for? Marketing SEO requires a specific approach not just to close the sale, but also to avoid client misunderstandings.

Time – Do you have the time, work force, and resources to do SEO effectively? You may be struggling enough with your workload already, and adding more services may cause you to start missing deadlines.

As you can see, it’s not an easy path. A solution does exist: you can simply collaborate with a white label SEO company. They will handle the actual SEO work whenever you get a contract, while you get the credit and charge the rates to clients. Most of them will even assign a dedicated project manager to you, so you have an expert’s help when talking with clients.

The key is to find and work with a trustworthy white label SEO provider who can consistently deliver excellent work. With their assistance, you can watch your web design business venture into SEO.