Signs You Need to Replace Your SEO Company

Posted on Aug 5 2015 - 7:18am by Admin

Find a New SEO CompanyEvery business owner wants their site to be on the first page of Google and other major search engines. They hire SEO companies to help them rank higher on search, making their business more productive and popular.

Finding a reliable SEO company, however, can be difficult, and even after hiring one, you can’t be sure if they’re the right company.

Is it the right time to look for other SEO companies and leave your current one? Here are some signs to help you decide:

You’re Not Receiving Any Progress Report

The company you hired must have something to show you, like a biweekly, monthly, and annual report. If you’ve had them for more than six months, then you must see an increase in rankings. Even if you just recently hired them, they have no excuse. In the first few weeks or months, they should provide you with an SEO audit, optimized content, a site analysis of your link profile, or a list of articles including the links where they have published them.

Your Site Ranking is Dropping Drastically

The goal of hiring an SEO company is to help your site rank, not drag it down. Rankings drop for many reasons and you need to keep an eye on the strategies to make sure that your SEO company performs. If you don’t, you may not be aware that your site is receiving algorithmic penalties. A drop in rankings can also mean a drop in traffic and conversion. With low conversion, your business may have difficulties earning profit that helps sustain your operations.

Why tolerate your SEO company if there are many companies out there that can provide you with better services? If these signs are happening to you, then don’t hesitate to switch. It’s for the growth of your site and your business after all.