Simple Tips for Decorating a Kid-Friendly House

Posted on Oct 3 2018 - 7:47am by Admin

Father playing with daughterEvery parent knows and understands the need for a home that’s kid-safe. Aside from having a house that’s conducive to learning and growing, you want a home that’s also as safe as possible, and of course, up to your style standards.

That said, below are some easy tips to help you create the perfect home aesthetically pleasing and safe for your children.

Select the Right Flooring

Resist the urge to install silk or viscose carpeting and opt for a slip-resistant and practical flooring option instead, recommends Cotewell. Go with one that’s very durable and easy to clean and maintain. If you must have carpets or rugs on your floor, opt for Berber or nylon with dark and interesting patterns since they’re excellent at concealing stains and are very easy to clean.

Focus on the Basics

To make a truly kid-safe home, take a look around and search for stuff that could be potentially hazardous or dangerous and address them. For one, kids are naturally drawn to switches and plugs, so make sure to cover these with sockets. Also, get a magnetic knife guard for storing your kitchen knives away, and equip your doors with childproof handles. Install locking mechanisms or childproof locks on drawers with cutlery, medicines, tools, and other stuff not suitable for kids.

Choose Practical and Stylish Furniture

Invest in stylish, yet functional furniture that will appeal to your design sensibilities and at the same time, your need for a kid-safe home. For instance, get a stylish coffee table, maybe one with a rounded or scalloped edge, or that sofa you love with stain repellent fabric. You can also choose furniture that can work as storage as well.

Regardless of how mature or old your children are, remember that kids will be kids. So decorate your humble abode while keeping these kid-safe design tips in mind.