Simple Ways to Keep Warm Inside a Super Cold Office

Posted on Oct 19 2016 - 7:04pm by Admin

Coffee Lovers in AucklandDo you know that the air conditioner in your office has been designed for men? Yes, that’s right. Your office cooling system is sexist. Here’s how it happened.

The formulas involved in the design and calibration of many of today’s air conditioners were derived from a single group — the 155-pound, 40-year-old male. This could explain why most women need to pile on the parka inside their own offices. These formulas, which were created in the 1960s, did not consider taking estimates from women or other age groups. And yes, nobody bothered to update them.

So if you’re having troubles concentrating because of the super cold commercial air conditioning in Auckland, here are some ways on how you can keep warm at the office.

1. Get up from your desk

And start moving. No, you don’t need to bust a move (but if your workplace is cool with that, you can do that, too) but do walk around a bit. After all, sitting at your desk for hours on end is bad for your health.

2. Bundle up in chic layers

Cozy up with some trendy scarves and cardigans. It’s probably the easiest way to keep warm at the workplace. You can even store your ‘get cozy’ items in your bin so you don’t have to bring it to work everyone. Less worry that you might leave them at home.

3. Treat yourself to a steaming cup of java

For coffee lovers, it’s the most enjoyable way to keep warm. If your office has free brewed coffee 24/7 for employees, well lucky you. For the rest of us mortals, we need to settle for Starbucks, but the cost can add up. You can bring your own hot beverage to the office too if you’re trying to save money.

4. Invest in a heated seat cushion

Your office chair might be crappy but you can add a little bit of luxury by investing in heated seat cushions. It’s also great for back support so you hit two birds with one cushion.

Cozy Up!

While you can always adjust the settings on your air conditioning units, it’s not that easy to do so in a workplace setting. We hope that these tips can help you keep warm at the office, especially if your boss doesn’t want to turn on the thermostat.